DAY 6 // NOVEMBER 30, 2012
Human Trafficking
DECEMBER 1, 2012
Women’s Economic Security
What does the Kosovo law say?

Kosovo’s legislative framework has been completed and meets international standards related to the protection of human rights, which includes women’s perspectives.
- Only 6% of property registered in the Cadaster is under women’s ownership
- Only 3% of bank loans to startup businesses go to women
- The unemployment rate in Kosovo is 43% but 57% for women

There are various mechanisms established for the implementation of the legislation however, they do not always function effectively and can lead to inefficiency of institutional mechanisms. Women in Kosovo are equal before the law, but in reality, a considerable number are discriminated against in various forms on a daily basis.

Why are women economically discriminated against?

One of the biggest reasons for the unfavorable situation of women is a lack of economic sustainability. Another big factor is the patriarchal culture, prejudices and common practices, which restrict the application of rights guaranteed to women by law. This is evident in practices regarding inheritance, which is not partitioned among heirs as provided by law, because in the majority of cases women do not use their inheritance right. For example, property within a marriage is not viewed as a joint property between husband and wife, as required by law, but rather as property of the man.

What needs to be done to improve women’s economic situation?

In order to increase the participation of all members of society in social and economic issues, the state has to introduce economic development that targets women. While it is true that the empowerment of women can be reached through the economic development of a country, a stronger approach needs to be undertaken to understand why this is so important. The main and most important factor for women’s emancipation in society is their participation in the labor market, meaning, becoming decisive actors and a part of a sphere of life that is public and political – namely, work – in order to legitimize the right to politically influence that sphere. In order for a society to boost and support a steadily increasing growth of economic security for women, it needs to lay out the appropriate legal infrastructure. Legal measures can change societal beliefs and common thoughts on women in the economic sphere, thereby reducing discrimination. Through a sound legal framework, for instance, a law on labor that is decisively favorable for women, economic stability, support, as well as security will increase. The implications of such a measure might look vague initially, however, with the proper implementation and supervision; such a law can bring about positive change to women’s lives.

The way forward!

- The government of Kosovo has developed an Action Plan for the Economic Empowerment of Women 2011-2013
- Change attitudes and cultural practices to give more women access to the economic sector in Kosovo
- Improve the participation of women in the labor market
- Support women entrepreneurship
- Increase women’s access to property
- Provide training for women
- Introduce an employment quota in public work programs
- Establish a scholarship fund for young women studying business administration
- Support campaigns aimed at raising awareness on the importance of women and girls acquiring education as key to economic empowerment
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